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Redrock Homes - Going Green with Cavco Homes!

Standard or Optional green features offered by Cavco Homes:

  • Solar package (on or off grid), using the suns rays to produce power.
  • Recycled tires and axles.
  • I-beam manufactured from recycled steel.
  • Formaldehyde free fiberglass insulation.
  • Finger jointed 2 X 3’s and 2 X 4’s wall studs.
  • Low VOC paints. (Volatile Compound Paint)
  • Acrylic caulks.
  • PEX water systems (recyclable with no solvent connections) (Litchfield and RV)
  • PVC and ABS drain lines (Durango Plant), less materials with recycled contents.
  • OSB sheathing (made with compressed wood chips).
  • Smart Side Siding (made with compressed wood chips).
  • Cemplank siding (made with cement based materials).
  • Rebond (recycled) carpet pad.
  • Nylon carpet from Shaw Industries.
  • Gypsum panels (recycled paper)
  • Energy Star appliances (most models)
  • Whole house attic ventilation system (ventalaire 4) helping to remove unpleasant odors.
  • Fluorescent lighting, saving electricity costs.
  • Insulated windows (low e on some models both in recyclable aluminum and vinyl)
  • Insulated fiberglass (50 year warranty) exterior entry doors.
  • Water saver toilets, tub and shower diverters.
  • Quick recovery water heaters and tank-less (gas and electric).
  • Aluminum (recyclable) mini-blinds.
  • Recyclable shower doors
  • Congoleum vinyl flooring
  • Building wrap (vapor barrier).
  • Dimmer switches on incandescent lights.
  • Cellulose (recycled paper) insulation in the roof.
  • Pressure balance tub/shower fixtures (anti-scald) are used in our modular homes.
  • Dal Tile
  • Porch Decking (recycled non-toxic materials)

Savings estimates are based on information published by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. Actual savings may vary. Cavco makes no warranties or representations regarding energy savings or financial savings.

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